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My name is Laura 

First and foremost,  I may be offering to guide and support you along your journey as your mentor - but I am a human, too, navigating this mother earth. I know the struggles and overwhelming obstacles that life can throw at you whilst trying to align with individual purpose and meaning; I understand how it can feel to be defeated by life. However, there is wholehearted hope and a ray of light at the end of the tunnel if you choose to seek and embrace change. You have all you need within you to move past the blocks you are facing at the moment.


My passion and life's purpose are to help support you in the quest to align with who you are- as I know you deserve this. So I am here at your side to empower and intuitively guide you towards inner balance and peace.

you have all you need within        let's go searching


 Because I have faith in the self-tenancy to develop, we have the wisdom within to make the right choices to thrive and live in alignment with our needs.


 I strongly believe healing and development are heart-centred work and the roots of living authentically as yourself - removing self limiting beliefs. 


Because words and intention are powerful tools, I'm here for messages and support firmly rooted in positive affirmation, liberation, love & empowerment.


My unique healing approach has formed from 121 Journeying with clients 

I am an accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), allowing me to offer the safest environment for coaching and counselling. My journey in healing arts and psychotherapy has led me to work in several diverse clinical and private practice fields. My approach has been built from personal values, beliefs, personal inner work experience and thousands of hours facilitating inner-depth work with wonderful, inspiring clients. My expanded view of healing work recognises that the world is a complex mystery. Therefore, I consider universal belief systems, personal energy systems, intuitive, subconscious states of awareness, and self-spiritual presence. I take great pride in the progress and success of my clients and look forward to supporting you too.

My Dog Monty


I learned how to embrace and honour a kind respectful self-relationship 

My holistic healing journey started nearly twenty years ago when I began my holistic industry career. Instantly I was drawn towards a person's holistic and psychological well-being and the many theories of recovery and self-actualizing tendencies While understanding several concepts and psychology theories in the early years of my passion, I learned that the relationship with myself requires compassion, patience and the quest for understanding.  These qualities support inward healing, which is the key to any long-term external change.


Life experiences can become the most healing tool; integrating personal pains and personal journeys can offer deeper insights into the self and the ability to adapt to struggle. This belief has been supported further through the years of connecting and working with some of the most remarkable and inspiring clients/ humans. The self-relationship and expanding self-awareness are fundamental for achieving the ultimate internal validation, compassion and self-respect in their quest for alignment.   



My goal is to help you achieve deliberate transformation and empowerment.

Every day I have the privilege of connecting with so many wonderful clients from across the globe, offering a safe nurturing space to cultivate growth and achieve authentic alignment with their inner purpose and self. I feel honoured to be part of each journey, working closely to break through the obstacles holding you back. I wanted to leave a little something about myself here.

My core approach is centred on living from a place of love, empathy, and understanding. This heart-centred perspective can help you break the victim mentality and create a more harmonious, fulfilling existence for yourself and those around you. My belief and research into psychology and spirituality are closely linked towards wholeness,  meaning there is no separation, no duality between mind, body and spirit responses and reactions; all are intrinsically linked.  I use mind-body therapies, psychotherapy and psycho-spiritual principles, which view a person holistically as one as its starting point of balance.


My practical and research-based work centres on mind-body and the neuroscience of stress-related states and how this impacts our biochemistry long-term and induces desynchronised states. I am currently undertaking a research-led PhD in psychology and focusing on mind-body healing that centres on synchronising the autonomic nervous system for optimal coherence and regulation within all planes of well-being. An additional focused area of mine is self-awareness, coping states and synchronised states are widespread across all aspects of self. 

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I know what it's like to feel lost,
unaligned & living unauthentically

Feeling lost and unaligned with the self is the starting point to demotivation, isolation, victim states and disconnection from participating in life.  From this point, there is no room for movement. Personal and clinical experience has taught me that maybe at times, this space is needed for us to go deep within ourselves and to understand our needs, wants, and intimate wisdom, gain sharper self-awareness and personal authenticity to help us move back into alignment and into the life that is connected to our genuine passion and strengths.  I have felt unaligned and lived for several years inauthentically, forgetting about the vital relationship with "self" and honouring my uniqueness. I could move through disconnection by doing the inner work and finding the time to heal (when the time was right). I deeply started to understand myself better -  growing the relationship with myself as a critical focus.  I learnt that self-compassion and conscious awareness are the core starting points for personal growth and directed change.  


"I HAVE A DEEPLY HIDDEN and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life."



the daily life

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