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Online 4-week Anxiety Bootcamp 

This 4-week online and interactive coaching and counselling course offers key techniques and exercises that are scientifically proven to help you overcome anxiety symptoms and stress in your life. This course has been created by myself Laura with a nurturing hand, to make sure you feel supported and empowered along the way.


What's Included:


  • 10 Coaching & Counselling Sessions

  • How to cope with fear & worry using interventions

  • Unique exercises to manage anxiety symptoms instantly

  • Understand what your personal triggers are

  • Develop and implement coping strategies 

  • Understand how anxiety & stress affects you

  • Learn practical ways on how to manage anxiety side effects.



Online course to build unshakable confidence & self Esteem

This course helps provide you with a deeper understanding of 'self' and where your low self-esteem is anchored from. In this masterclass, you will learn about yourself and how your level of self-esteem has developed.  The exercises aim to empower and build new trust within self and life. Once you learn to break free from old beliefs and cycles of disempowerment; you can truly come to a place of 'acceptance' of who you actually are.


What's Included:


  • 07 Coaching & Counselling Sessions

  • Understand the roots of your low esteem and confidence.

  • Learn how to avoid distorted thinking patterns

  • Learn how to become more assertive towards your needs

  • Implement key strategies into your daily life to build confidence

  • Become more aware of how to embrace change

  • Effectively build your strengths and step out of your comfort zone

Online Mindfulness Depression Course

Within this course I have created  a fusion of positive psychology applications along with solution-focused mindfulness, counselling psychotherapy and guided meditations that promote healing and transformation of your mind, body and spirit. The meditations & exercises have been carefully crafted for depression and low mood states.


What's Included:


  • 10 Coaching & Counselling Sessions 

  • Learn the techniques of mindfulness within daily life

  • Understand the roots of your depression

  • Implement powerful meditations & positive psychology exercises

  • Connect to your inner child and move away conditioned beliefs

  • Move away from expectations, judgements and resistance 

  • Understand your personal core beliefs and attachments

Masterclass on how to connect to your inner divine light & inner self

This masterclass course focuses upon the reconnection with the inner self, through mind, body and spirit. Using a fusion of holistic, mindfulness, positive psychology techniques and spiritual practices. The focus is to help you move away from the physical conditioning of the external world and move towards your own internal 'self' so you can navigate through your life with certainty, love and wholeness in alignment with your true self once again.

What's Included:

  • 07 spiritual & holistic sessions

  • Start to understand the balance of duality

  • Understand who we are as a human soul

  • Learn to connect with the flow of life experiences

  • How to connect with love, happiness and freedom

  • Connect to your higher self for ultimate guidance

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