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"Courage is   the  mastery  of  fear - so   taking

  the  first  step  is  the most  bravest   of  all"



My Person-centred counselling sessions aim to empower you to find the answers within yourself, with my support. It is all about you, your feelings and emotions; I offer you a safe place to express yourself without judgement.  What you will gain from the therapy will defer from another, as each person is unique. You will find it is a place that will 'allow' you to be 'you' free to talk about what is troubling you, with me at your side.  I will work through a combination of understanding your irrational thoughts and where they stem from with elements from cognitive behavioural therapy, breathing exercises and reframing techniques. These work to break the negative thought patterns characteristic of recurrent depression, anxiety and stress-related issues. These activities rebalance your networks, allowing you to move away from your old automatic negative responses toward an understanding that there are other ways to respond to situations.  I  will  support  you,  and  we  will  work  together,  finding  the  tools  that will help replace  negative  thought  patterns  with  healthier  positive thoughts— allowing you to gain control of your emotions and be free from your outdated thinking patterns.  You may find new learnings about yourself and issues and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.


Intuitive counselling is a perfect blend of holistic energy reading and fundamental counselling and psychotherapy practices to bring you an uniformed, in tune experience to assist in your quest for balance and peace in life. I offer a unique fusion of techniques that provide a deeper connection to the blocks that may be holding you back in life. As a professional intuitive counsellor, I use a counselling framework that offers integrative psychotherapy and holistic practices. I dive into understanding your energy and work with you to highlight habits, beliefs and energy patterns that are keeping you stuck in life.  Maybe in the past, you have seen different teachers, healers and counsellors, but still, feel stuck? It may be because change is a very personal thing. Only you know when you are ready to change. Until you are truly prepared to let go and shift into a new way of being, you will continue to live the same habitual energy pattern. Significant change comes from knowing when it is time. So if it is not time just yet, know that it will be one day – when you are ready. And if it is time today to make a change, then I welcome you. As  your  Intuitive  Counsellor,  I   will  hear  and  see you without  judgment  - we  will  work   together and build upon the areas you would like to heal from in your life.    With your inner wisdom and my connective nature to your energy, in tandem, we will create a significant shift in your life and help you embrace everything you are and want to me!  I am here when you are ready.

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My healing session is very unique to the individual. I work within the pathways of reiki healing; energy scanning is performed, areas of emotional upheaval are felt and worked upon. These areas can be from past trauma, negative attachments - which can be linked with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, anger, chronic stress, etc. These damaging emotions anchored from past or present traumas can get trapped within the psyche of the body. This  powerful  release  can  help  the  emotions  surface - energy  healing  adds  an element  of  holistic energies  to  help  rebalance  the  outer aura  of  a  person  through the  use  of  angelic  and  spiritual  practices.  Old negative habits and past energy laps can be healed over time with these beautiful healing sessions. All of my healing can help with many issues at a deeper level such as; clarity of mind, clear and speedy decision making, better memory and concentration, improved efficiency, energy balance, harmonious relationships with family and colleagues, Inner peace, happiness, and tolerance, Improved self-esteem, Sense of wellbeing, anxiety, depression, low moods, more energy, stamina, and immunity. The whole experience is unique to you and your energy. I look forward to working with your energy field. 



I offer a variety of life coaching services that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual life goals. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs to unlock their full potential. My motivational coaching sessions aim to tackle limiting blocks within your life that you may be stuck within, struggling to reach your true potential. I use a combination of positive psychology interventions and coaching principles to help  you  uncover  areas  within  your  life  that  are  not  working  for  you  and  strengthen  the  areas  that  are. We work together  to  empower, motivate and align you with your goals and ideal self.

I aim to focus upon you as you are now and build all the positive aspects of you, and unlock areas of limitation. It is my pleasure to be at your side as you grow. When starting work together, we will quickly set goals and action points for you to start working towards, or if you feel there is a specific area needs attention first, we will set to it. I aim to offer my support and guidance, but at the same time, I trust that you know yourself better than I do - you are the expert in your life, and I am here to help you realise your true potential within. Contact me to start your proactive journey today.

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