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Follow Your Potential - Be Happy And Live

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Your Future Self is Watching You Through Memories

Undoubtedly, most people are dreamers. Dreaming isn’t a bad thing, but it does have its downfalls. While dreaming, hoping, making wishes, and so on, are powerful tools for setting goals for ourselves, they’re meaningless without action. This seems obvious, no? If it’s obvious, why then are so many people still saying things like, “I wish I could travel”, “I hate my job”, “I would love to start doing yoga every morning”?

Every one of us has potential to work towards our dreams. Everyone’s potential is different, but it doesn’t make us incapable of certain accomplishments. Simply, potential defines how high you can reach in what amount of time with how much work. Think of it as an equation. Those with great potential for, say, creating a yoga practice won’t need as much time or effort to achieve their goals. What affects our potential is what qualities and capabilities we already possess. If said person who is dreaming of creating a yoga practice is already in great shape, successful in past business ventures, and is educated about the practice of yoga, her potential for succeeding in her yoga endeavours is much more likely to succeed and won’t take much time to accomplish. Someone without those qualities, experiences, and capabilities isn’t going to have such an easy time.

Don’t let someone else’s path ever discourage you from following your own. Another way to find the variables in your potential equation, or even reformulate it to make your goals more easily attainable, is to identify your own strengths. So, you may not be Yoga Betty in perfect shape who has succeeded at everything she’s ever done. You don’t need to be. Can you still open up a yoga practice if you’re out of practice, out of shape, have no business experience, and have only ever practiced yoga with the help of YouTube videos? Absolutely. Are you determined? Persistent? Relentless? Passionate? Organised? These are all examples of qualities that work with your equation of potential to reduce the difficulty of getting to your end goal.

We all have potential, and we all have the ability to reach our dreams (well, as long as they’re at least somewhat reasonable). So why is Yoga Betty not working at her own yoga practice right now? Chances are, she thinks that she can’t. She might think that doesn’t have what it takes, or that you have to somehow be “special” to be someone who can just up and do something major like that. Likely, she’s scared of failing and the repercussions of it. How will she feed her family? How will the mortgage get paid? What will happen to her health insurance? Does she even have the right qualifications? Is she missing something in the legality and officially of this business? What if she’s not a good enough yoga teacher? What if nobody ever even comes? How will I get the start-up capital?

Having these fears isn’t unprecedented

Especially with something big like opening a business, this is why it’s important to take time and let your ideas stew. That way, you can solve these problems, or come up with a plan to solve them in the event that they happen, as they come up. Taking the time to educate yourself and plan for the details will increase your confidence and help fulfil your potential. However, not every dream is squashed by the stress and hurtles of starting a business. Oftentimes people dream about smaller things – such as getting involved in a particular hobby or sport, or going on a vacation to a particular country, or learning a new language. There’s a multitude of completely attainable goals and dreams that everyday people have that they don’t pursue. Why?

Last year, I caught myself in a thinking pattern that greatly disappointed me. However, that realization changed my life and I’ve since been making great strides to be the “me” who I’ve always dreamed of being. I was having a conversation with a good friend, and I said to her, “I wish we could go to Africa. I would love that.” I had this idea in my head that once I’m in my ideal life, Africa will just be something that I do – meaning that I am not in my ideal life and waiting for it to happen. It sounds silly to say out loud, but I guarantee that many people have the same line of thinking, it’s just not conscious. For example, you might think something more along the lines of, “oh I wish I was like that guy, because then I could play baseball”, or “man, that girl has a great voice. I wish that I had stuck with singing when I was a little girl.”

What’s stopping you?

After making my realisation, I decided that the only thing keeping me from being the “me” that I dreamt of, and living the life I had imagined… was me! Nobody told me I can’t go to Africa, nobody told me that I shouldn’t look more into environmental matters. Nobody told me that I can’t make changes. We’re all capable of changing and being who we want to. If you’re not satisfied with your life and the things that you use to fill it, what are you doing?

Most of us seem to sit around and wait for things to happen, wait for our lives to change. Let life happen to us. We have this idea that the future versions of ourselves are better, greater, that they’ve figured it out. But the time to figure it out is now in this here and now moment.

We only get to that future version by making changes now. If we don’t, we eventually get to the point where it very well may be too late and we’re filled with regret.

Regrets mean that you’ve let your life pass by out of your own control. Don’t let your future self-look back and be disappointed at the opportunities you didn’t seize or the ones you didn’t even try to create for yourself. This is your life, it’s the only one you get, and there’s no better time to start living it than now for this moment. For the majority of dreamers like myself, it’s not too late.

Look at what you want to do in life and build an action plan on how you can get there. You control your path!

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