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How Can You Turn Failures into Opportunities

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

You can absolutely learn to grow from failures and adapt a growth mindset.

Welcome to my blog post! This blog is all about how we can use failures or bad experiences to our advantage. We have all had those experiences, in our lifes that demand so much of our attention and energy. It may feel that you want to shut off and just forget about, perhaps it was an uncomfortable learning experience, or a painful emotional time for you? Whatever it maybe, there is great learning to to take from each encounter that can help you make peace with those times of despair.

It requires you to switch into a "growth mindset" where you can see down moments in life as bouncing of points to strengthen, grow and advance from. Basically, It requires you to pick out the learning potential from each moment in life you just want to forget about.

Go back to a time that you failed? or you encountered a bad experience. Reflect upon this deeply, make sure you are in a space ready for this and feel safe to do so. Now start to unpick the experience. Ask yourself....

What did the experience teach me about myself? Did it help me become more understanding of my own needs? Do it help me grow in resilience? Unpick what it offered you.

Once you have found the growth within you, start to reflect upon how this has benefited you now, in this here and now moment in life? Maybe, the experience informed a new heather habit, or new standards for yourself? or perhaps, it help you realised what you actually want in life? Whatever it provided - thank it! I know that sounds like a strange act to do, but really by appreciating the value you gained from a bad experience can help you "let it go" and approach the situation in a new light - make peace with it.

Try this reflective practice, whenever you have encountered bad times, or feel like you have failed. There will always be something that you learned in that moment and any failures you deem as a weakness, you will soon realised that there is no such thing as failure - only learning experiences.

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